To make it easier for you to pick what style photo book you want, we have created 5 different styles you can choose from. We have described each style and added some images to give you an idea what we mean.


Of course, if you have any specific ideas or wishes about the style of your photo book please let us know, as we are more than happy to find the right style for your photo book! So if you want the photo book made in specific colours or you have a beautiful photo you want us to use as a background or maybe you want to combine 2 of our styles below, we are all ears. We are also more than happy to make a suggestion depending on what photos you have (holiday, baby, wedding, party, family recipes, kids art works etc).


Our professional designers are there to help you get the photo book you always wanted and they are also very capable of creating a beautiful photo book for you based on the style photos if you find it hard to choose.


Check out these amazing styles for your next photo book, they are put together by our graphic designers for your convenience. Simply let us know which style you want for your photo book and we will guide you through the (easy) process of creating a photo book for you.


All examples are shown in an A4 landscape photo book, but all styles are available in all size photo books and even in calendars if you would like us to create a calendar for you.


Have you just come back from your holiday, or maybe you still have photos of that amazing holiday a few years ago sitting on your computer? Select this style to create a photo book perfect for any type of holiday. Relaxing on the beach in Bali, a sight-seeing tour through Europe, a safari to Africa, a road trip to the US or your honeymoon are all fantastic examples of holidays that are great to show your friends and family in a photo book.


If you would like us to create a holiday photo book for you, send us an email to let us know your preferred style for your photo book is holidays and we will get the ball rolling for you!


Check out these examples to give you an idea what we can do for you to make the perfect holiday photo book for you:





This style for your photo book is perfect if you want us to make a photo book about your family (or maybe you are surprising a friend with a photo book of their family?). People have asked us to create photo books from the photos of their newborn, using the professional photos they had taken just after the birth or their own photos. Another popular one is a photo book about baby's first year. Haven't you just taken thousands of photos in that first year? Send us your best photos (or send them all and we can pick for you) so we can create a beautiful memento of that first year!


Send us a quick email to let us know you want a family photo book so we can get you started.


Other favourites in the family style are anniversaries, reunions and the family history. What better way than a photo book to relive those moments for many years to come. And if you want to have a photo book printed for other family members, please let us know when you contact us that you want more than one copy as we are more than happy to discuss a discount if you need more than one identical photo book to provide to others.


Check out these examples to give you an idea what we can do for you to make the perfect family photo book for you:




Your wedding, your parents' wedding, a friends' wedding, they are all must have moments for a gorgeous photo book that will help you relive those special moments for many years to come and share with your children (and grand children!). Wedding photo books are one of our specilialities and we take great care to make sure your special day will be very special in a high quality photo book.


Let us know you want a wedding photo book and we will make sure our specialist wedding photo book designer will contact you to discuss all the options with you.Oh, and don't worry, we don't have any extra charges for a wedding photo book just because it is your wedding. You will find we charge the same low price of $100 to create a wedding photo book of your special day as we would charge you if you were asking us to create your holiday photo book, your family wedding book, a portfolio or a custom photo book!


Check out these examples to give you an idea what we can do for you to make the perfect wedding photo book for you:





We have created many portfolios for customers. It doesn't matter if you are a model who wants to create a beautiful photo book of your best photos or an architect who needs a photo book to show prospective clients previous projects. We can create any type of portfolio for you. Simply let us know you need a portfolio photo book and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.


Other examples of portfolios we have made are photo books to sell a house, photographers who want to show clients what style photos they can do on a shoot and business catalogs.


And yes, we can number pages, include an index, a foreword add your logo and much, much more to personalise your portfolio to your needs. You can discuss your needs with our professional designer to make sure the portfolio us exactly wheat you need. And if you need multiple copies of the same portfolio book, please let us know so we can discuss our discount options with you.


Check out these examples to give you an idea what we can do for you to make the perfect portfolio for you:





If you can't find the style photo book you are looking for in the styles described above, or you have some really explicit ideas about the lay-out, colours or other design features of your photo book, please let us know you want a custom photo book. Our experienced graphic designers are more than happy to discuss your ideas and make sure your photo book looks exaclty like you had in your mind! The pix2print design software is set up with great creative freedom in mind which means we can design your photo book to your standards! The design of your photo book is only limited by your imagination!


Great examples of custom made photo books are family recipe photo books, kids art work in a photo book a photo book about your favourite pet or a photo book to remember a loved one who passed away or creating an arty black & white or sepia photo book:





Send us an email now to let us know which style photo book you want and we can start the easy process to make sure you have a beautiful photo book