Photobooks are perfect for every occasion! Share your treasured, funniest, most beautiful photos with the rest of the world and keep the memories alive every time you open your photobook.


Our photobooks can be made in a range of sizes to suit every occasion. Create a pix2print photobook for a special event, a wedding, a birthday party, your last holiday, that trip-of-a-lifetime, your daughter's or son's graduation, any proud sporting achievement or that special anniversary or reunion.


All photobooks are printed using high quality printing methods.



size in cm in inch type of cover 30 pages additional pages max pages
20x20 8x8" SOFT (20 pages) $29.95 $0.99 48
20x20 8x8" HARD $59.95 $0.99 48
30x30 12x12" HARD $109.95 $1.50 120
33x26 12x12" HARD $119.95 $1.50 120
A4 landscape 30x21 12x8" HARD $69.95 $0.99 120
A4 portrait 21x30 8x12" HARD $69.95 $0.99 90


Create a beautiful calendar using your own photos. They are great to hang on your own wall, but calendars are also fantastic as an original, personalised and unique gift. Add family and friend's birthdays and events to make it even more personal.


size orientation
13 pages (printed on one side)
A4 landscape
A3 portrait

Each calendar has a cover page and 1 page for each month.


We offer gift wrapping as a service prior to shipping your photobook. This means you can surprise somebody with a beautiful gift, wrapped for the occasion.


Gift wrapping costs $4.40 and can be selected when ordering your photobook. Please go to 'How to add gift wrapping to my order' in the' How to' section for step-by-step instructions.


We have selected paypal as our payment partner as it gives you the knowledge your payment is handled in a secure manner. Paypal offers you the convenience of setting up an account and paying by logging in and then confirming the amount.

No paypal account?

If you don't have a paypal account, you can still use the secure paypal connection to pay with your preferred credit card direclty. Credit cards accepted are:

  • Master card
  • Visa
  • Discover


Select the link 'Don't have a paypal account?' when you are at the checkout page and it will allow you to pay directly and securely with your credit card.


Give a gift voucher to someone you love, they are the perfect gift idea for every occasion:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • births
  • engagements
  • weddings
  • graduations
  • to say "I care" or "I love you"
  • housewarming parties
  • Mother's Day or Father's Day
  • Christmas
  • sporting events
  • to say "Thank you"
  • surprises
  • ... and many more occasions!


Gift vouchers can be bought in lots of different values to suit every budget and occasion, have a look at the gift vouchers page where we have created some suggestions with size and number of pages included. Please contact us if you want a different number of pages included! Also check out the option of earing free gift vouchers for yourself!


pix2print offers three delivery options for all photobooks and calendars:

  • Australia Post - Standard Delivery (estimated delivery time up to 5 business days)
  • Australia Post - Express Post (estimated delivery time overnight*)
  • VIP delivery


delivery method standard
photobook <500gr $6
photobook >500gr $10
calendar $6


*The estimated delivery times have been provided by Australia Post. Not all addresses have the overnight delivery option. Check with Australia Post to see if your post code is within their overnight delivery zones.


Please contact us if you need an estimate of cost and delivery time for an address outside Australia.


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