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Fundraising With a Difference – Buy an Alphabet Book and Support Variety - the Children’s Charity

the Alphabet Book - fundraising for Variety11 October 2012 - Two Brisbane based companies worked together to create this gorgeous Alphabet Book which is now being sold as a fundraiser for Variety - the Children’s Charity. The Alphabet Book is a great gift and will be perfect for under the Christmas tree and at the same time you know that you have contributed to a better life for children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs to live, laugh and learn.


Months ago, pix2print – a Brisbane based photo book printing company, contacted Variety – the Children’s Charity with the idea of creating a fundraiser with photo books. Variety loved the idea and came up with the brilliant idea to make an Alphabet Book. After engaging Gillian van Niekerk from Vann Photography - one of the best photographers in Brisbane, the process of designing the Alphabet Book started.


The idea was to create an Alphabet Book with some letters being represented with photos that would easily be recognised by the younger children. We chose some traditional ‘a-z’ subject matter; the book begins quite naturally with A is for Apple but after that a few modern concepts sneak in.


"It was great fun creating the list, we had input from a wide range of people, including my young children", says photographer Gillian van Niekerk. Amongst the more unusual representations would be S for Sushi and Z for Zinc.


The book features leading questions to extend older children, and serve as a guide for prompting more discussion. The overview at the end of the Alphabet Book provides a great way to see if they remember what they have learnt in the book.


The Alphabet Book can be bought in 3 different options. They have created a 20x20cm soft cover, a lovely way to teach your child the alphabet, nice and light so you can take it anywhere. And there is also a hard cover option in the same size, great as a gift but also a fantastic addition to your child’s own library.


special edition Alphabet Book for the Variety fundraiserIf you want something really special you can also opt for the large 30x30cm Alphabet Book which allows you to submit your own photo for one of the letters of the alphabet. Before printing they will replace the photo of the letter of your choice with your own photo. And you can even add your own question to personalise the photo book even more.


So when learning the alphabet, your child can learn the E is for Emily or the M is for Mark and have their own photo in the Alphabet Book.


The special edition is also a great option for businesses who are looking for a great, high quality interactive book for in their waiting room or reception area, or who would love to show their support for Variety – the Children’s Charity. A business can send in their logo or a photo of their business which can replace the letter of their choice.


Alphabet Books can be bought online at


Variety - the Children’s Charity receives no direct government funding and relies on your generous support to continue their amazing work.


Photo Books Made For You – For The Busy Professional and Mother With No Time

photo books made for you - for the busy professional and mother with no time13 September 2012 – Everybody loves to have a memento of their special occasion. The amazing holiday, their wedding, the honeymoon, the birth of each child, the first steps of a child and all the other important moments in their first year, the list goes on and on. A photo book or calendar made with photos is the perfect way to capture those special occasions.


But when do we have time to make a beautiful photo book or calendar in our busy lives? Photo books ‘Made 4 You’ is the solution for anybody who doesn’t have the time to make a photo book themselves, but would love to share their memories with friends and family!
The owner of Pix2print hears it all the time when she tells people what she does for a living.


“I wish I had the time to make a photo book of my holiday, can you make one for me if I give you the photos?”, “I would love to have the photos of my wedding in a photo book so I can show my friends and family the special moments of our beautiful day, do you think you could make it for me?” are some of the comments she hears over and over again.

And now the busy professionals and the mums without time can have that beautiful photo book too as the professional designers from Pix2print can create a high quality photo book especially ‘Made 4 You’.

“It took some time to set up as it needed to be done professionally, but the service also needed to be affordable”, says Jude Mulhuijsen, owner of Pix2print. “People need to feel they are getting value for money with a service like this. And we believe we can now offer them that value for money by only charging $100 for the design service.”

And now, after a few months of creating photo books for friends and setting up the perfect process, it is finally available for anybody who wants to have a photo book to share their memories without having to spend any time on it.

The process is simple. All you have to do is send an email to let them know you want to create a photo book. A professional designer will respond and let you know the different options to send your photos safely and securely. After that the process is as little or as much hands on as you want.

There are options to pick your favourite photo and lay-out for the front cover, you can select a style for the photo book and you can even send text you want added. Or, if you prefer, you can just kick back and relax and let the professional designer do it all for you.
Most people want a photo book of their holiday or honeymoon, but other popular themes for photo books are weddings, children and pets.

If you are one of those busy professionals or a mum with no time to make a photo book, make sure you check and send in an email requesting your photo book made for you.

SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE OFFER: If you would like to trial this service, please contact the owner Jude Mulhuijsen via email ( to receive a 50% discount on photo books ‘Made 4 You’. Offer valid until the end of September 2012.

Earn Velocity Points When Buying High Quality Photo Books With Pix2print

earn Velocity points buying photo books from pix2print23 August 2012 - Members of the Velocity frequent flyer program from Virgin Australia now have a new option to earn Velocity points with pix2print. Pix2print is the latest addition to a range of online companies where Velocity members can earn points when they shop.


As the new retail partner of the Velocity program, pix2print offers members the opportunity to earn points when shopping for photo books.


“It is a very simple process to earn Velocity points with any of the retail partners”, says pix2print owner Jude Mulhuijsen. “Members log in with their Velocity frequent flyer number on the Shop and Earn website and find their retailer by region, category or keyword search.”


Shoppers for photo books can find pix2print in the ‘Home & Garden’ category under ‘Printing, Framing & Photos’.


Photo books are available in 5 different sizes (20x20cm, 30x30cm, A4 portrait, A4 landscape and 33x26cm) and start from as little as $29.95.


“Most customers create a photo book after they have been on holiday, but people also create wedding photo books, recipe books, baby photo books, family history photo books and many more different photo books”, according to Jude Mulhuijsen.


With many people creating holiday photo books, the new retailer seems to fit in perfectly with the Velocity program of Virgin Australia.


The easy-to-use software from pix2print, which can be downloaded for free from the website, gives users many templates to start with. Users have complete creative freedom to make any changes to the photo book lay-out, both of the cover and the pages inside.