Do you want a beutiful high quality photo book, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you just don't have the time to create a photo book or calendar, but you have many photos 'gathering dust' on your computer...


Whatever the reason you can't create your own photo book, we are here to help!

For only $100 one of our professional designers will create your high quality photo book for you!

we make it for you - for only $100

How does it work?

photo books made for youSend us an email so we can help you step by step through the process to have one of our professional designers create a photo book for you. In short this is the process we will help you through:



  1. Decide on the size photo book you want - see photo book sizes for the options.
  2. Decide how many pages you want, or give us a range to allow the professional designer greater creative freedom, for example between 50-60 pages.
  3. Send us the photos you want to use. Don't worry, there are many options available for this. We can help you select the best method for you once you have contacted us to start the process. We prefer photos sent to us via Dropbox (ask us about this option!), but we can also provide you with an address to send them to us on a disk.
  4. optional - If you have a preference, let us know what type cover you want and which photos you want on it. You can also decide on your own title for the photo book, but our professional designers can also do this for you. Have a look at the different cover lay-outs to help your decision.
  5. optional - If you would like to add text to a photo or maybe at the start of the photo book, you can send us what you would like to add. Ask our consultant for the best way to do this. Usually a simple Word document is the best.
  6. optional - Decide which style photo book you prefer. Please have a look at the different style photo books we offer.
  7. Pay the deposit. We require a $50 deposit to start creating your photo book. You can choose your preferred payment method: direct bank transfer, personal cheque, credit card or paypal. More details will be sent to you once you contact us via email to get started.


Please allow one week to create your photo book. Once it has been created we will contact you via email and show you the photo book via small thumbnails. We encourage feedback and are happy to make any changes to the photo book so you are completely happy with the design once we start printing. Before we print we require you to pay the remaining $50 design fee plus the actual cost of the photo book. We will let you know how much the total price is. If you want to calculate the price for your photo book prior to ordering please check the prices page.


Allow another 10 business days for printing and shipping of your photo book after payment has been received.


Now you can share your story with friends and family and keep the memories alive with your beautiful, personal, high quality photo book!


Start the process today and email us now!