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Ideas for photobooks


create a photobook about your holiday

Have you just returned from holiday and taken lots of beautiful photos you want to show your family and friends? Instead of showing them on a computer screen, why not create a beautiful photobook!


Add text, scan maps and entry tickets and use your own photos as background on a page or spread to make it a very personal photobook. If you don't have a scanner you can also use your camera to take a photo of maps, entry tickets, etc.





Children's drawings and paintings

create a photobook with your children's drawings and paintingsDo you have kids that love to draw and create their own fantastic works of art? How about saving some of those drawings for later in a book of art?


Scan those fabulous drawings and arrange them in a luxurious photobook with their best painting on the front cover, add their name and age to the front cover as a nice personal touch.






create a photobook from your weddingDid you just get married and do you want to put all those wonderful memories and photos in one place so you can look at it again and again? Or maybe you know somebody who just got married and you would like to give them a memory of a lifetime?


Make your bea utiful wedding photobook extra special by adding the cards and messages you received from friends and family to your book. You can scan your cards or take a photo of them (if you don't have a scanner) and include them in your photobook. Copy and paste messages from friends who sent an electronic message and make that gorgeous photobook even more special.



Sporting Eventcreate a photobook about a sporting event

Did you just compete in a sporting event that required lots and lots of hours of dedicated training or did your children participate in their first taekwando or swimming competition?


Keep the memories alive and use pix2print to create a fantastic memory of the event. Create one book or order more copies for the whole team and ask us about discount options!