Yes, we care about the environment and we try to find ways to ensure we can continue providing you with high quality printing products, protection during shipping and a long life time of enjoyment of the product you created.


The covers with steel spines for our photobooks are made by Unibind, a company which cares about the future health of the earth. As part of its commitment to the environment, they partake in various eco-friendly initiatives to cut down on the 'ecological footprint' and to increase the use of recycled products.


As such, Unibind acquired the FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) for its hardbook binding covers. The FSC label indicates that the SteelBooks from Unibind are manufactured from certified paper and cardboard produced, distributed and sold in a responsible manner. pix2print & environmentThus supporting a responsible forest management. FSC certified raw or end products meet all criteria of the FSC chain of custody. In other words: every foregoing production and supply chain also carries a FSC label which is traceable from source till end consumer. The total number of certified forests today amounts 7% of the world’s forest surface. 24% of all these certified forests are ratified by the FSC labelling system.


Furthermore Unibind has undertaken following projects and initiatives:

  • Recycling is an important part of the production process, waste is processed separately. Moreover, the cardboard in the hardcovers is made from 100% recycled material. This also applies to almost all cartons used in their production.
  • Eco-friendly climate systems based on heat recuperation have been installed throughout our production halls and guarantee an agreeable climate during the entire year.
  • Unibindis building two windmills at its premises in 2011. Production and offices will switch partly to green, renewable energy for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A solar project will be started, so that Unibind can further provide in its own energy.


The personalised hard covers are created using the Casemaker 750A which uses a completely dry concept, eliminating the usage of liquid chemicals or glues.



Paper used for printing is an environmentally responsible paper produced from FSC (Mixed Sources) CoC (Chain of Custody) certified pulp from Well Managed Forests, is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) and is made Carbon Neutral.


The greenhouse gas emissions produced from the transport, processing and manufacture of the wood pulp to pix2print (the cradle to gate lifecycle) has been calculated, offset and certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI). Raleigh Paper has purchased carbon offset credits under the Voluntary Carbon Standard to offset these emissions. The paper is manufactured by a company certified with environmental management systems ISO14001 and EMAS, the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (Reg.No.D-162-00007) and has also been awarded the EU 'Flower' eco-label certification.


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